Acumen Business Advisors provides:

  • Strategy Analysis and Implementation
  • Business Model Evaluation
  • Business Plan Development
  • Negotiation Coaching
  • Coaching for Investor/Funding Solicitations

Terms of Service

1. Services. Client/Customer hereby engages ACUMEN BUSINESS ADVISORS, LLC (“Acumen”), a Connecticut limited liability company with a principal office in the Town of Farmington, Connecticut, to provide general and/or coaching services. Any efforts on behalf of the Client/Customer by Acumen shall be authorized only by the mutual execution of a SERVICES AGREEMENT, which shall specifically delineate the type, duration, timing and compensation of such Services.

2. Services – Limitations.

A. Acumen does not represent, guaranty, nor warranty, either expressly or by implication, that any Client/Customer’s business activity, effort, product, process or service, whether proposed or existing, will yield a successful result.

B. In the course of its efforts, Acumen may provide suggestions to Client/Customer as to the need to engage additional third-party services, assets or assistance. This may include the employment, hiring, utilization or partnering with: attorneys, accountants, consultants, funding sources or other service providers. Any such arrangements shall be made directly between the Client/Customer and the third-party firms or individuals. Consultant shall neither receive nor accept additional compensation from either the Client/Customer or the other parties for these recommendations and assumes no liability for the failure, inadequacy or results of any such arrangements, associations or services.

3. Independent Contractor. Acumen is an independent contractor and is not an employee, partner, or co-venturer of, or in any other service relationship with Client/Customer. The manner in which Acumen’s services are rendered shall be within its sole control and discretion. Acumen is not authorized to speak for, represent, or obligate Client/Customer in any manner without the prior express written authorization of Client/Customer.

4. Compensation. As agreed upon between Acumen and Client/Customer.