Macro Thinking by Eric P. Kaufman is a hidden gem of a book for executives and business owners and for anyone who aspires to join their ranks. Eric has clearly “been there and done that”. CEOs, executives and business owners will clearly see themselves and their challenges on every page of this book. The fundamental philosophy in the book is that you cannot control everything, but you can control your products, your target customers, your planning and your team. The book suggests how you can effectively do this and grow the business. It is filled with useful hints, company examples, practical exercises, and is laced with humor; a valuable and enjoyable read! It may, in fact, be the last business book you’ll ever need, as proposed on the cover.

It is filled with useful hints, company examples

Mr. Kaufman title of his new book Macro Thinking “The Last Business book you’ll Ever Need” so apropos. He so effortlessly explains the four Pillars: The Right Products, The Right Customer, The right Planning, and The right team and the process of using Macro Thinking to have a very successful business. The continuity of his thought process starting with the basic principles of each pillar, then giving you examples of both success and failures of various businesses related to each pillar. He then sprinkles in his astute Hints and Takeaways and Conclusions. This book is so fully packed with golden nuggets for a successful business…it is a must read. I am very impressed with Mr. Kaufman’s book I would be first in line If he publishes another business book.

Should have read a book like this years ago

Being a business owner for over forty years, I noticed that things had become stale. I bought Mr. Kauffman's Macro Thinking because I was looking for ways to tune up the company and jumpstart my own thinking. After reading the book, I realized that getting back to basics and paying attention to details would help me on my way to boosting sales in the future. Macro Thinking is an extremely helpful guide to anyone who is interested in any business that needs improvement. The many helpful hints found in this book are extremely valuable for anyone that is seeking success.

Jumpstart your thinking

This book is a must for anyone contemplating starting a business, already on track for such and endeavor, and even for seasoned veterans in business. Mr. Kaufman offers a simple road map without being simplistic, sufficient in depth to help business leaders chart the necessary course for success--one that also helps them avoid the potential "land mines" that so often can derail the best of leadership efforts and strategic planning. I highly recommend it.


Tough Advice for Tough Times Executives and managers of troubled companies looking for an easy way to right the ship will take little comfort from Mr. Kaufman’s hard-nosed counsel. He nixes quick fixes like consultants, managerial changes and inspirational “How-I-done-it” books in favor of “Macro Thinking, “ his distillation of the wisdom accumulated over decades as an entrepreneur and business advisor. He proposes attacking the root causes of business failure, rather than their symptoms. The four pillars of Macro Thinking concern having the right products, customers and team, and planning based on strategic thinking and model evaluation. The author repeatedly warns of complacency and the relentlessness of competition. The challenges presented by today’s ever-increasing speed of change are folded into the mix of imaginative solutions. Kaufman suggests that managers sometimes should return to square one where they “can think like a startup” to get out of the crushing boxes of bad business practices and fatal inertia. Here, accurate prose is sharpened by the inclusion of dozens of boldfaced tips, notes and hints that drive home the author’s telling key points. Demanding exercises require readers to swallow a heavy dose of reality in evaluating their businesses’ present condition. This is the book to read if industry trends no longer favor your business model, sales are dropping in the face of competition, what’s always worked doesn’t now and you seem to be out of ideas. Macro Thinking provides both inspiration and a call to action for executives and managers facing the complex challenges of running profitable enterprises in these most interesting times.

Executives and managers of troubled companies looking for an easy way to right the ship will take little comfort